Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're Going for IVF!

I got the call from the Fertility clinic yesterday! They have offered us treatment!! I am so excited. Basically I wait until my next AF which should be around June 26. Then I will start BC pills for 21 days. Once AF arrives again I start doing the injections and other fertility drugs. We are expected to be in Calgary on July 31st and our estimated Egg Retrieval and Transfer is set for between August 4th and August 10th. We should be home by August 12th. The timing is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It's perfect. DH will be home from Europe, I will be on summer holidays...we are so fortunate. 

BUT....let's see how acupuncture is doing. There is one more possibility that we were able to sneak one past the goalie. *wink, wink* That would be the BEST to be able to call the clinic and say, "too late, we're already pg!"  Ahhh...a girl can hope and pray.

Our house is done now too. We sign the papers on Monday and can move in. Life is good. 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1, 2008

Got a visit from AF today (well, actually last night she showed up but it was after 3:00 so today is CD 1). Wow! Acupuncture really does help with PMS and menstruation. I had no sign of her coming at all and would never know she's here right now if it weren't for the obvious reason. No cramps, no moodiness, no breast tenderness...nothing. This is so awesome!!
Phoned in to the period hotline in Calgary today too. It's been 3 months since our IVF consultation and we were told it's a wait of 2 to 4 months so I'm hoping we get the call soon. DH is going to Europe in July and I'd really like to see him go so I hope it all works out. He is prepared to ditch the tour if it means we need to be in Calgary but I'd hate to see him have to do that.

I bought some prenatal vitamins and royal jelly yesterday. I also bought this stuff called "Green Concentrate". It's a powder that has Spirulina, Chlorella, Goji & Acai-among other things. I know that Spirulina and Chlorella are supposed to be good for fertility so we'll see. You can just mix it with your juice or shake. I mixed mine with mango juice this morning and it looked terrible but it didn't taste that bad.