Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was made aware yesterday, after visiting with dear friends, how many couples face Fertility issues for different reasons. There is this growing number of couples in their second marriage who are only in their early or late 30s where one spouse (generally the male) has already been "fixed" but now their practice marriage is over and they've found the love of their life and now they can't have children together.  I know it is a morbid thought...but I wonder if getting the "snip" or your tubes tied should be something that couples really reflect upon before they make that final decision...and maybe wait until they're a bit older. Of course no one wants to believe their marriage could end (um...hello...raises hand) and most couples believe they've had their children and they don't want anymore which could be true too. But now I see my wonderful, loving and nurturing friend who has finally found the man of her dreams and it will be difficult for them to have a baby because of the snip. Of course, they can try a reversal and IVF or IUI but GOD, I so do not wish for them to go down that path. 
I say ladies get the Depo shot until you're babies and no period! Nice. 

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